We need a representative WHO serves the people first

- Daren Tolz


A Teacher Serving the Community

Armonk, New York

Daren started teaching six years ago, initially through Teach for America, and has been serving as a teacher of high needs students.

As a candidate for County Legislator Mr. Tolz sees an opportunity to address many issues facing Westchester. He is interested in budgetary responsibility and government transparency, and he expects to better the lives of those in the community by setting some of the following goals.

  • Responsible budgeting without borrowing or selling assets.
  • Protecting our quality of life and providing protections to all residents.
  • Government for the people, not for politicians.
  • Government transparency and efficiency.
  • Economic development that benefits local residents.


(914) 393-6763



104 Byram Ridge Road
Armonk, NY  10504



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Defending our Values

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Advocate for fiscal responsibility, end asset sales and excessive borrowing. Fight privatization of our airport.

Demand transparent communication. Secret negotiations and last-minute budget additions are not acceptable.

Defend equality for all our residents and uphold our rights. Work for women's rights and to pass the Immigration Protection Act.

Maintain a firm commitment to social services. The current reductions create long-term problems.

Protect our environment from risks such as the airport privatization. Support our public parks.

Promote economic development to create an economy that works
for all of us.

Stand for our principles. We should not bring firearms into our community by sponsoring a gun show.

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